A multicriteria optimization tool for fuel treatment planning

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Welcome to the Landscape Treatment Designer

What is the Landscape Treatment Designer?
Fuel treatment planning can be difficult on large landscapes with multiple objectives. The LTD (Landscape Treatment Designer) program automates the process and allows for combining several objectives in weighted combinations so that treatment alternatives can be quickly generated and mapped. LTD can be used to create aggregated (contiguous patches) or non-aggregated (fragmented pattern) fuel treatment pattern(s).

Why use the Landscape Treatment Designer?

Current prioritization of restoration uses ad hoc methods that do not examine a range of scenarios in terms of constraints, budgets, and spatial planning options. The net result is that we do not understand the opportunity cost associated with specific restoration investment decisions. With the explosion of GIS data, computing power, and GIS tools, it is now possible to quickly analyze management tradeoffs leading to better informed decisions and a better chance of realizing restoration objectives over the long run.


For more information please see Spatial optimization for accelerated restoration: The Landscape Treatment Designer.

New Publications

PNW Science Findings - Accelerated Restoration: New Landscape Tools to Prioritize Projects and Analyze Tradeoffs


Ager, A.A.; Vaillant, N.M.; McMahan, A. 2013. Restoration of fire in managed forests: a model to prioritize landscapes and analyze tradeoffs. Ecosphere 4:art29.


See also ArcFuels.

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